Strive Health & Performance and the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce are hosting a series of #SupportLocal webinars.

Join us as we learn new dinner favourites, movement exercises, cocktail recipes, and so much more!

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  • Taco Tuesday

    Presented by: Marni,
    Inlet Seafoods

    Join Marni as she shares an easy and fun dinner solution – halibut fish tacos! Not only are fish tacos friendly for the whole family, but they can also be a creative dinner option that only takes minutes to prepare. Inlet Seafoods uses their fresh and wild Haida Gwaii halibut fillets for this tutorial. They’re perfect for the pan as they’re boneless and skinless! Marni will show you how to cook the halibut, the ingredients she likes to use, and tell you a little bit more about what makes Inlet Seafoods such a distinctive retail fish store.

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  • Get Your Sweat On!

    Presented by: Dan and Ash,
    Club Sweat

    Get your sweat on with Club Sweat’s Virtual Training class! Dan and Ash from Club Sweat will guide you through a 20-minute full-body workout. If you’re at home, get the kids involved! After the workout, we will be sitting down and answering any and all of your training and nutrition questions.

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  • Brisket and Brews

    Presented by: Brewmaster Will and Executive Chef, Christina,
    Patina Brewing

    Enjoy a brisket and beer pairing from the Patina team! Learn about what their current hours are and what food and drinks they have for you to order.

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  • Improve Your Golf Game

    Presented by: Patrick Lago, Lago Golf Academy

    Join Patrick Lago, President & Director of Instruction to learn:

    • – What to look for before signing up for golf lessons
    • – What training aids you can use to help you improve your golf game
    • – Tips and drills you can do at home to keep your golf game sharp
    • – Q & A (get professional advice on any issues you are having with your golf game)
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  • Virtual Personal Training

    Presented by: Alex Kastelen, Innovative Fitness

    Alex will discuss how IF transformed its business model from in-person training to a fully customized virtual platform, IF Direct. They’ll discuss:

    • – Why virtual personal training is beneficial
    • – What factors you should consider
    • – Experience a demonstration of IF Direct
    • – Get some tips to help maintain productivity and prevent stiffness & soreness during the workday.
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  • Handling Anxiety & Change

    Presented by: Ana Ferari & Dr. Nareeta Stephenson, Strawberries & Sunshine Healing Centre

    Join Ana and Dr. Nareeta as they discuss adapting to change and how to help your body cope with stress and anxiety.

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  • The World of Wine

    Presented by: Kai Chang, VinoZen

    Learn how to do a proper wine tasting from sommelier, Kai Chang. Enjoy the full wine tasting experience from your home.

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  • Keep Your Kids Active at Home

    Presented by: Shannon Day, LIFT Fitness

    Join us to go through activities that you can do with your kids to keep them active and engaged while staying at home. We will be discussing some creative and fun ideas that are easy to do. At the end, we will be answering any fitness questions that you may have!

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  • Tips to Prevent Running Injuries

    Presented by: Paul Slaymaker, The Runner’s Den

    Tune in to find out how to start a running routine, exercises to help prevent injuries, tips on how to pick the proper running shoe, and much more!

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  • Create a Designer Kitchen

    Presented by: Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design

    Jamie will be discussing current and future kitchen trends, how we can adapt little changes with big impact for today’s normal, to DIY’er tips and tricks for giving your kitchen a fresh look!

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  • Photography Tips

    Presented by: Chris Chong, Butter Studios Photography

    Get a few tips on how to take better selfies and look your best on Zoom calls. Chris will go over how to set up the best lighting and angles, as well as how to pose and find your “better side”. Walk away with tips you can use right away whether you’re using a camera or your phone.

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