Collin Shin

Collin Shin

Registered Massage Therapist

Raised in the neighbourhoods of Coquitlam, Collin was involved with athletics and the outdoors growing up. He considers anyone who performs physical movements an athlete and understands the toll that sports can take on one’s body, regardless if they are pro athletes or weekend warriors. With a passion for human anatomy and kinetics, he loves sharing his knowledge and believes patient education is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Having recently graduated from the VaCC RMT program, Collin’s prior background in science helps to shape his focus towards an orthopaedic approach for rehabilitation, using joint mobilizations, deep tissue release and trigger point therapy.

He enjoys working with patients so they can recover from their pain and dysfunctions. He also believes in finding the best customized treatment plan for each individual to meet their short and long-term treatment goals. Outside of the clinic, Collin is also involved with aquatics and fitness training. During his free time, you’ll most likely find him cycling around the city, hiking somewhere deep in the woods, or camping by a fire with a good book in hand. He also enjoys weight training, rock climbing, and snowboarding. Collin is always happy to welcome new patients into his practice.

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